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Affirmation Transformation

Over her many years as a health care practitioner, Dr. Ellen created and continued to develop her own approach to energetic healing, which is called the Ellen Cutler Method (ECM). Over that time, she had the privilege of treating countless numbers of patients with great success. She subsequently uncovered an exciting new extension of her work.  

Oftentimes, patients would ask her if she could clear specific blocks in order to obtain their goal or to clear away impediments in their life. They would often report that they had tried many different approaches, including the use of positive thinking or goal setting, life coaching, hypnosis, psychological therapies, meditation, and spiritual counseling. Unfortunately, the desired result had not been accomplished and they were disappointed, sometimes even feeling a sense of despair. 

In her efforts to help them, she decided to test their unattained goal with her ECM protocols and see what came up as the underlying factors that were blocking the desired outcome. She then cleared them with the ECM clearing technique. They were also instructed how to clear themselves at home using an energetically imprinted clearing crystal. 

The results were exciting and sometimes hard for even her to believe. They saw positive results and she was thrilled to see how happy and fulfilled many of them had become because of this. For some, the outcome was life changing. The information gathered related to uncovering and clearing the blocks provided a critical opening not only to their affirmation or goal, but also to their subsequent transformation.

Because of these successes, Dr. Ellen has now decided to make this, the Affirmation Transformation, a new online service.

This is how the Affirmation Transformation works:

Email us your specific goal in one or a few sentences. Please address only one goal at a time. You will be sent the transformational imprinted clearing crystal to be worn for at least the number of days specified in the return email. The clearing crystal contains the signatures or dynamic energetic elements that will help remove the blocks and open the way for you to achieve your aspiration or goal.

There are some guidelines regarding requests. Your goal cannot focus on health issues. That is what Dr. Ellen does with patients and involves a more complex process. She is happy to look at most other issues. Sometimes Dr. Ellen will ask you to rethink and then reword the request or summarize it in a more concise way. This is so she can provide the best clearing, facilitating the smoothest, most successful outcome possible toward your goal. This can be life-altering and initiate a growing process as you reboot your consciousness.

In addition to the clearing crystal, there may be different or additional requirements for your clearing method based on Dr. Ellen’s testing for your goal. If you have any questions, you can email Dr. Ellen’s assistant, Cynthia at: cynthia@drellencutler.com.

Dr. Ellen is eager to begin this process with you. She looks forward to hearing from you!

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