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For the Media: One-Pager

About Dr. Ellen Cutler Byline Dr. Ellen Cutler, a pioneer of natural healing methods. Her approach to healing includes desensitization of food and other reactivities, enzyme and nutritional therapies, and gentle detoxification. She is a best selling author and considered one of America’s leading female doctors of natural healing. Broadcast Bio Dr. Ellen Cutler,…
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For the Media: Ready to Use Quotes

For the Media: Ready to Use Quotes Holiday Dining: Slow Down! "Eating slowly helps you eat less. This is my motto, and goes hand in hand with taking enzymes. Eating slowly and consciously, chewing well and taking enzymes decreases your appetite. What a great New Year's resolution! Follow these steps. They will help you lose weight…
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For the Media: Ask Dr. Ellen

Suggested questions for the media Dr. Ellen Cutler is a bestselling author, internationally recognized teacher, eminent public speaker, and a distinguished media spokesperson. During the past 25 years in clinical practice, which followed the successful healing of her own life-threatening condition with enzymes, Dr. Cutler has found that food and other sensitivities and improper digestion contribute…
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What Are Enzymes?

What Are Enzymes? The facts about these complex proteins By Dr. Ellen Cutler Enzymes are complex proteins in the body that accelerate chemical reactions and therefore chemical changes in other substances in order to provide the 'labor force' and energy necessary to keep us alive. They are catalysts that are essential to the successful occurrence…
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