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Detox Your Body and Lose Weight in Just 3 Weeks

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“Within 10 days my joint pain improved, sugar cravings decreased, and i lost weight. With regular walks I felt even better in 2.5 weeks, losing 13 pounds.”

– Claire


  • Have you been unsuccessful at losing weight and maintaining weight once you’ve reached your ideal weight? 

  • Do you feel deprived when following a weight-loss plan or reducing your portion size?

  • Do you experience persistent hunger or low energy at specific times of day?

If you responded yes to any of the above questions enzyme therapy will help you lose and keep the pounds off.


Successful weight loss has little to do with calorie restriction, deprivation, or sheer willpower.

People who rely on these tactics are almost certain to fail in reaching their weight-loss goals.

Improper digestion is the number one reason for both gaining and struggling to lose weight. 

When your body fails to properly break down foods, you become deficient in essential nutrients, leading to cravings for foods that can fill the nutritional gap.

This paradoxical situation results in overeating while still being undernourished, causing gradual weight gain.

Detox in Just 3-Weeks

Maureen came in 70 pounds’ overweight and worried about her declining health. After following the recommendations in her personalized 3-week Cleansing Detox Program, she lost all 70 pounds within 7 months.


The real secret of successful weight loss is taking enzymes to ensure proper digestion and prevent cravings, along with adopting a diet tailored to any underlying intolerances.

Enzyme therapy and the right diet can:

  • address intolerances

  • promote lasting weight loss

  • correct deficiencies

  • and enhance nutrient absorption.


In our modern world, we face an increased exposure to toxins from food, water, and the environment.

A cleansing detox program aims to support your body’s natural detox processes while reducing its toxic load.

This 3-week program gradually introduces a nutrient-rich meal replacement, allowing for a healthy reduction in caloric intake in the first week, followed by a slow increase over the next two weeks.

This approach often leads to:

  • improved health

  • well-being

  • and healthy weight loss.


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Dr. Ellen specializes in the use of desensitization of food and other sensitivities, gentle detoxification, and enzyme and nutritional therapies for chronic conditions that have perplexed the conventional medical establishment.

This is all addressed in her revolutionary healing technique, ECM (Ellen Cutler Method).

Begin Your Cleansing Detox Journey Now!


Over my years of practice, many of my patients have come in with complaints that were attributed to one or more toxicities, including pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

By using ECM energetic testing, I have been able to help identify underlying toxic substances.

Once the main and contributing problems are identified, I am then able to determine the best means of addressing their problems, most often using the cleansing detoxification program outlined above and energetically clearing them of their sensitivities, as well as identifying optimal lifestyle choices and supplementation for each patient.



“At 67, Claire carried an extra 60 pounds, leading to knee and hip discomfort. She chose enzyme therapy over dieting, and within 10 days, her joint pain improved, sugar cravings decreased, and she lost weight. Adding regular walks, she felt even better in 2.5 weeks, losing 13 pounds.”


“I’ve heard that before,” Jenny said skeptically. She had gained weight after her third pregnancy and tried various diets with disappointing results. For five years, her weight kept increasing despite her efforts. Embarrassed by comments about her appearance, she felt depressed. However, within 48 hours of starting the program, Jenny lost 3 pounds and had no food cravings. Months later, she had lost 40 pounds without exercising, all thanks to enzymes. In a year, she was able to shed 75 pounds.”

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“I’ve lost 40 pounds, and I haven’t been exercising, I know the enzymes are working. ” – Jenny

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