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Catherine was 56 and trapped in a never-ending cycle of antibiotics. With frequent urinary tract infections and newly arrived menopausal symptoms, Catherine needed and wanted a change.


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Catherine, at the age of 56, found herself in a frustrating cycle of health issues. Every other month, she was plagued with chronic urinary infections, necessitating a routine of antibiotics that seemed never-ending. Alongside this, as she navigated through menopause, she noticed an unwelcome change in her body – a persistent belly fat that was new to her. She felt a few pounds heavier, an observation that bothered her despite her otherwise thin appearance. Adding to her health concerns, Catherine had a particular fondness for dairy products, a habit she was reluctant to give up.


Seeking help, Catherine turned to our wellness clinic. During her consultation, we discussed various aspects of her lifestyle and diet. I introduced her to my detox program, explaining how it could potentially address her issues. Catherine, eager for a change, embraced the program wholeheartedly. She embarked on a challenging but rewarding journey, starting with a near-fast in the first week and progressing to a vegan cleanse. Alongside this, she took enzyme supplements, an integral part of the regimen.


The transformation was nothing short of remarkable. After a month, Catherine returned to us, but she was not the same person who had walked in seeking help. The belly fat that had been a source of discomfort was gone. Even more encouraging, her menopausal symptoms had subsided significantly. But perhaps the most significant change was in her urinary health – she hadn’t experienced a single infection since starting the program. Catherine attributed this improvement to the enzymes in her new diet, particularly protease, which is known to help with chronic urinary infections.


The experience was so transformative that Catherine decided to make the detox a regular part of her life, planning to undertake it twice a year. She felt rejuvenated, a feeling she described as being akin to youthfulness. It was a sentiment that resonated deeply with her – the belief that feeling young shouldn’t just be an occasional state but a constant one.


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