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Pamela was 33, approximately 20 pounds overweight, and completely consumed by her severe headaches. With her habitual pain and persistent fear taking control, Pamela needed significant intervention.


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At just 33 years old, Pamela’s health struggles seemed disproportionate to her youth. She had been dealing with chronic headaches for years, a concern that was both debilitating and alarming, leading her to fear a more serious underlying condition. Despite her relatively young age, Pamela also found herself 20 pounds overweight, adding to her health challenges.


Pamela’s journey to find relief took her through various avenues – she visited chiropractors, underwent an MRI, and tried numerous remedies, but nothing seemed to alleviate her headaches. It was her mother who finally suggested she see me, a recommendation that would mark a turning point in Pamela’s health journey.


Upon meeting Pamela, through my ECM work I sensed an immediate course of action. I  suggested a detox program, noting Pamela’s reliance on sugars and carbs – foods known for their inflammatory properties. My approach was grounded in a philosophy that shunned such foods, advocating for a diet that minimizes inflammation.


Pamela committed to the program with determination, embarking on a three-week journey that brought about remarkable changes. Within just a week, she reported a significant milestone: no headaches. This alone was a huge relief for Pamela, who had lived under the constant fear that her headaches signified something gravely wrong. Additionally, she had already lost seven pounds, a tangible sign of her body responding positively to the detox.


By the end of the three weeks, Pamela had shed the entire 20 pounds she was over. More importantly, the detox seemed to recalibrate her cravings, diminishing her desire for the very foods that contributed to her health issues. This aspect of the program was crucial, as it helped Pamela maintain her dietary changes more sustainably.


Pamela’s journey, however, was not without its ups and downs. Occasionally, she would revert to her old eating habits, and the headaches would return, along with some weight gain. Each time, this served as a reminder for her to restart the detox program. This cycle underscored the importance of consistency and commitment to her health.


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