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Susie was 69. She suffered from severe constipation, weight retention, hypertension, and the usual aches and pains of getting older. Ten days into our program, Susie was already on the road to revitalization.


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Susie’s journey towards better health began at the age of 69, a point in her life where she faced a myriad of health challenges. Weighing 40 pounds over her ideal weight, she was grappling with hypertension, a common issue as people age, particularly during menopause. Additionally, she suffered from severe constipation and was beginning to feel the effects of depression, though not severe, it was noticeable. Compounding her difficulties was the onset of severe arthritis, a genetic predisposition in her family, marked by rheumatoid arthritis and neck pain.


Despite these challenges, Susie led an active social life, often involved in documentaries and regular gatherings, where wine and socializing were common. This lifestyle, while enjoyable, posed its own challenges in terms of her health goals.


When Susie came to me, I immediately saw the complexity of her situation. I understood that her path to wellness would need to be carefully tailored to address her unique combination of health issues. With this in mind, we suggested she try our detox program. Initially hesitant due to her social commitments and lifestyle, Susie eventually agreed, ready to make a change.


The results, even in the early stages, were encouraging. In a relatively short period, Susie experienced significant improvements. Her constipation issue had greatly improved, and she had lost about 15 pounds, a remarkable start towards her weight loss goal. Moreover, there was a noticeable reduction in her arthritis and neck pain, bringing her much-needed relief. Perhaps most heartening was the lift in her spirits; the cloud of depression that had been hovering over her seemed to have dissipated.


Susie’s journey is still ongoing, and she’s committed to continuing the detox program. She’s considering extending it, adapting it to fit her needs and lifestyle better.


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