Physical Fitness

Dr. Ellen always stresses the importance of physical fitness through activities and exercising. There is no doubt that the use of the physical body, and particularly exercising on a regular basis, is of great importance in terms of overall health. Countless studies remind us of this. As examples, endurance exercise training has very positive effects on cardiorespiratory fitness and improved health outcomes in general, including mental health. Being physically active can also increase your sense of wellbeing. Given its whole-body, health-promoting nature, the notion of “exercise is medicine” should be integrated into many clinical settings.[1]

In Dr. Ellen’s experience, it is best to do both endurance and strength training. She uses her Peloton stationary bike to accomplish both. At least some of your exercises during the week can also include less strenuous activities, such as walking, biking, Tai Chi, and yoga. The best exercises to do are those you are willing to do regularly. Some people significantly underestimated how much they enjoy exercising by focusing on the unpleasant beginning of the exercise. They can benefit from focusing on the expected enjoyment (and health benefits) derived from exercising.[2]   

Feel free to start a new exercise by underestimating the amount and/or intensity of that exercise. Also, remember, as you increase intensity, frequency, and duration, the amount of time for recovery usually increases as well.  

To learn more about Ellen Cutler Method and sensitivities that can reduce the benefits of exercise, click here. If you are interested in being trained in ECM, complete our interest form.

*Please check with your primary health care provider to determine if the exercises you would like to do are appropriate for you.*


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