Dr. Cutler and her ECM approach have been truly miraculous for me. The viral sensitivity related to my warts was corrected and my warts fell off. I suffered from seasonal allergies my whole life, but now they are completely gone and I no longer need any medications. Also, Dr. Cutler evaluated some of my other symptoms and found I had a condition called Diabetes Insipidus. No other practitioner had found this and I had been to many physicians, including an endocrinologist. Because of Dr. Cutler I am now being treated for this and am doing much better. This is why I continue to see Dr. Cutler every now and then so I can remain well and prevent problems in the future.

- JR

I read "Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness" after Dr. Cutler and her ECM system played a pivotal role in curing my son of seizures.

Shortly before my son turned ten, he began having anywhere from three to ten seizures a day and more at night. The types of seizures varied but included tonic-clonic/grand mal seizures. The medication prescribed by the head of pediatric neurology at Oakland Children's hospital did nothing but make him unable to function. According to her, he would be on the medication for a minimum of two years, and let me reiterate - it wasn't working! It was a nightmare.

For months I tried various alternative therapies including the GAPS diet with little to no improvement in his condition. Then I heard about Dr. Cutler.

To make a long story short, during my son's first treatment with Dr. Cutler, she "cleared" him of grains, sugars and dairy (among other things). To celebrate (we were desperate to celebrate something), we stopped for cupcakes on the way home. Normally, if he had anything with sugar and/or grain in it, he would seize within 30 minutes. Guaranteed. But he ate the cupcake and NOTHING. No seizure!

Now, even though this was a miracle to me, Dr. Cutler would caution that her system works "not miraculously and instantaneously, but inevitably and permanently". True, my son's epilepsy was not cured that day, but rather in a two steps forward, one step back progression. Most of his daytime seizures were gone after four visits. After six treatments his nighttime seizures were gone as well, and he was only having seizures when triggered by something (like an illness or his brother throwing a football into his head).

My son had only three seizure episodes over the summer and has been seizure free since August of 2012. Since then he has been sick and has hit his head (fell while ice skating), so I feel confident when I say he is cured. Not only that, but he has gained weight (he was sorely underweight before - no muscle tone) and has lost the dark circles under his eyes. In short, he is thriving.

To us, Dr. Cutler IS a miracle worker. Not only that, but she is a warm and caring individual and my son just LOVES her. Words cannot express our gratitude for all she has done for our family. I highly recommended her and her books to anyone who is interested in real healing.

- T. O'R (Amazon.com)

[Clearing the Way to Health and Wellness] is a remarkably relevant and helpful book that every single person can benefit from reading and incorporating into their lives. whether you are dealing with symptoms that are annoying, or ones so major that they are robbing you from a good life, this book is a must read. In a world of over medicated people and mystery ailments, many of us in some degree are like hamsters running on the never-ending wheel. Dr. Ellen Cutler breaks down why so many of us suffer from various symptoms and how to clear them, permanently, from our bodies and lives. I've had the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Cutler, and I can say with absolute resolve that this woman is a genius, and what she has created will be changing the way we view our health and ourselves for years to come.

- J.T. (Amazon.com)

Dear Dr. Cutler,
I came to see you almost 3 years ago now after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease.
I was unsure of how your program would help me with this new part of my life. I am pleased to say that the severity of how I react to things with Gluten in it has changed tremendously.
I had issues breathing, constant Acid Reflux and many issues aside from that. I no longer have the breathing issues and the acid is so rare.
I still react to gluten but midly, nothing compared to how severe my body reacted to it in the past. THANK YOU....

- C.O. (Alameda, CA)

Dear Dr. Ellen
As your former patient, I (and my family) want to thank you for a quality of life that I never thought I'd have back again. After Graves disease, CFS, a stroke and then severe chronic hives for years and dozens of specialists later, I had almost given up on my health ever improving. I also had given up my nutrition practice. Then I found your book, The Food Allergy Cure sitting in the wrong place at a book store. That was the day my life turned around for me. I truly felt like the book was written for me. It all rang true, and finally someone in the medical community was confirming what I new, that indeed I was reacting to almost everything I was eating and to the environment around me. ECM was a miracle for me. it was amazing how quickly I improved my health and how I was able to stop taking all my medications I had been on for hives. ECM not only dramatically changed my health but it re-inspired me to get back into the nutrition field and then to become an ECM practitioner. After just completing the basic, intermediate and an advanced seminar, I can say that I feel so grateful for the ECM training and experience. If I can help one person the way you've helped me, I will feel blessed. I am excited and look forward to continuing to learn on my journey with ECM. It has been an honor to be your patient and now get to train and learn from you is more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you Dr. Ellen for your dedication to true wellness and health. You are one of the most genuine people I have ever known in the health care field.

- C.M. (San Francisco, CA)

For five years doctors could not figure out what was wrong with my digestive system. I was on a very limited diet and was not able to digest much food. Severe stomachaches were frequent. Visits to over twelve doctors and homeopaths and a wide variety of medicines did nothing to improve my situation. Within two weeks of treatments and enzymes at the ECM Clinic, I felt wonderful and like my old self again. Dr. Cutler's revolutionary approach with enzymes has enabled me to eat all the healthy foods I want and feel great at the same time. The ECM clinic has given me my life back. Dr. Cutler, you are a life saver! You all are wonderful and I am so very thankful for you all!

- M.H. (Granite Bay, CA)

I have gone from 3 hot flashes a day to 3 a week since taking your Female Cycle and the Female Balance enzymes -- thank you!!!

- C. (San Francisco, CA)

I was the king of Benadryl until I started taking the ECM Nose and Throat enzyme. I love this enzyme!!

- R.M. (Sebastopol, CA)

Dr. Ellen is awesome. Her book MicroMiracles explains everything you'd ever want to know about enzymes.

- C.K. (Pt. Richmond, CA)

Dear Dr. Cutler,
Words cannot express my gratitude for the way you have changed my life. Thanks to you I have lost up to 16 pounds and I have stopped taking my medication for acid reflux and cholesterol. Life is good--thank you. All my gratitude...

- R. (San Mateo, CA)

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