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Ellen Cutler Method (ECM)

The Ellen Cutler Method (ECM) uses organ-specific detoxification, nutritional therapies, systemic enzymes, and energetic desensitization to help those seeking to improve their health, experience greater ease, and increase their sense of wellbeing.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Ellen’s for 25 years. There are so many benefits to her clearings, which continue to evolve as she studies new information about sensitivities, medical reports, and scientific findings. When I first encountered her technique, I had sinus infections every month. She was able to determine the foods and environmental substances that were triggering the infections, and, over time, my infections diminished. Now, if I am exposed to allergens, I may experience one sinus infection a year, but often none. When I began menopause, her clearings of my hormones lessened my hot flashes and compared to my friends, my symptoms abated quickly. I also suffered from bad digestion. I worried about my stomach’s response to eating many foods. Dr. Ellen’s digestive enzymes have given me the support I need & I do not leave home without them! Every aspect of my health is improved by ECM, often in concert with my allopathic physician. Over the years, Dr. Ellen has cleared many of my sensitivities, emotional traumas, and genetic propensities to illness. I find her positive attitude and commitment to health inspiring. My gratitude is immense.

Deborah S.

"As a physician, my experience was that complicated cases could only be managed with medications that have long term side effects and produce a limited result. In contrast, the Ellen Cutler Method simplifies complex symptoms and clarifies effective treatments. The machine tests the client's body for the most important contributors to symptoms. The clearings retrain the brain to neutralize sensitivities, and clarify efficacy of possible treatments. The only side effects to the clearings are feeling lighter and more spacious. Dr. Ellen's intention is for true healing for clients. This training is an opportunity to take a quantum leap in your capacity as a true healer."

Dr. Pamela

"I hope Dr. Ellen takes a minute everyday to remind herself of how many lives she is saving. The only thing we need to do is get the word out and be living testimonies. You got this. You are God sent! Such a gift!"


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Dr. Ellen Cutler, D.C., is a bestselling author and an internationally recognized teacher, public speaker, and media spokesperson.

The beauty of ECM lies in its ability to determine the best interventions to use for each person.
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We must invest in our health if we want to enjoy clarity of mind and vitality. A healthy lifestyle is the secret. My technique ECM offers that valuable tool.

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