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Ellen Cutler Method (ECM)

The Ellen Cutler Method (ECM) uses organ-specific detoxification, enzymes, nutrition, and energetic desensitization to help those seeking to improve their health, experience greater ease, and increase
their sense of well-being.

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I’ve been meaning to write this testimonial for over a year, and now I can’t help but share how incredibly accurate and vital to my healing, Dr. Cutler has been through the years. I’ve been working with her for five years now, and I’m still floored by how accurate the Ellen Cutler Method (ECM) calibrations are, whenever I have important decisions to make. I’ve also been dealing with serious health issues, and her clearings and readings using the ECM have been astounding. I will never make any important decision without her moving forward. She’s stuck with me. She’s brought me hope in moments of despair and confusion. And she continues to do so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Cutler. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.

Sarah H.

Dr. Ellen is amazing. My husband and I began working with her on our middle-aged wellness journey and its complexities in 2016; BTW, we have not had a single cold or flu since then!

On top of that, several years ago, Dr. Ellen integrated our beloved 13-year-old border collie into evaluations of wellbeing. Now, at almost 16, Dr. Ellen has been an integral part of him "defying the laws of aging", including helping counter arthritic changes, fine-tune diet specificities, and boost immune system functions.

Dr. Ellen is an extraordinarily talented person at establishing balanced health regimes for the individual. We are huge supporters of her methods for both two- and four-leggeds.

Debbie W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ellen’s for 25 years. There are so many benefits to her clearings, which continue to evolve as she studies new information about sensitivities, medical reports, and scientific findings. When I first encountered her technique, I had sinus infections every month. She was able to determine the foods and environmental substances that were triggering the infections, and, over time, my infections diminished. Now, if I am exposed to allergens, I may experience one sinus infection a year, but often none. When I began menopause, her clearings of my hormones lessened my hot flashes and compared to my friends, my symptoms abated quickly. I also suffered from bad digestion. I worried about my stomach’s response to eating many foods. Dr. Ellen’s digestive enzymes have given me the support I need & I do not leave home without them! Every aspect of my health is improved by ECM, often in concert with my allopathic physician. Over the years, Dr. Ellen has cleared many of my sensitivities, emotional traumas, and genetic propensities to illness. I find her positive attitude and commitment to health inspiring. My gratitude is immense.

Deborah S.

"As a physician, my experience was that complicated cases could only be managed with medications that have long term side effects and produce a limited result. In contrast, the Ellen Cutler Method simplifies complex symptoms and clarifies effective treatments. The machine tests the client's body for the most important contributors to symptoms. The clearings retrain the brain to neutralize sensitivities, and clarify efficacy of possible treatments. The only side effects to the clearings are feeling lighter and more spacious. Dr. Ellen's intention is for true healing for clients. This training is an opportunity to take a quantum leap in your capacity as a true healer."

Dr. Pamela

"I hope Dr. Ellen takes a minute everyday to remind herself of how many lives she is saving. The only thing we need to do is get the word out and be living testimonies. You got this. You are God sent! Such a gift!"


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The beauty of ECM lies in its ability to determine the best interventions to use for each person.
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We must invest in our health if we want to enjoy clarity of mind and vitality. A healthy lifestyle is the secret. My technique ECM offers that valuable tool.


1. What is the purpose of the Ellen Cutler Method (ECM)?
ECM is designed to evaluate any ‘obstructions’ within an individual that may be preventing that person from experiencing optimal health and wellness. Once discovered, the appropriate remediations to eliminate these obstructions to wellness are then delineated. A short time after being implemented, the individual is reevaluated, and the effectiveness of the interventions is determined. Any necessary changes to the individualized plan can then be made.
2. What are some types of ‘obstructions’ to wellness that can be found?
There are many different types of ‘obstructions’ causing blockages or imbalances that can result in what might be called “dis-ease”. Aside from severe insults, the biopsychosocial being is designed to be in balance and to self-correct when that balance is disrupted. There are many physical/biochemical insults that can lead to imbalance, such as toxins, microorganisms, physical trauma, and improper foods and diet. However, ECM also look at those things psychological, psychosocial, and ‘energetic’ that often contribute or are the primary obstruction to wellness.
3. What types of interventions are used in ECM?

There are three main categories:

  • Detoxification is often needed because of the enormous number of human-created toxins in our water, food, air, and physical structures such as our homes.
  • Diet and nutrition-based plans are set up for each individual and supplemented as needed. Perhaps the most important aspects of this are employing a whole food, plant-based diet and the use of digestive enzyme-based supplements.
  • Energetic testing of the first two interventions as well as of psychological, psychosocial, and ‘energetic’ factors is used to individualize the interventions for the specific needs of the person being tested. Equally important is the energetic desensitization of those things to which the individual has become reactive or intolerant.
4. What are sensitivities?
Allergies are considered by conventional medicine to be severe reactions to common and often otherwise innocuous substances such as peanut butter or bee products. These are caused by an over-reaction of part of the immune system. A much broader category is that of sensitivities or reactivities. This includes allergies but is much more inclusive in scope. More commonly known are food sensitivities, which can include almost any food type. But an individual can become sensitive to almost any substance, and even to mental/emotional factors.
5. How does ECM identify sensitivities?
Ellen Cutler Method uses sophisticated computerized equipment that measures the electrical properties of one or more acupuncture points. The unique ECM software for the hardware is based upon ideas drawn from electro-acupuncture, physiology, chiropractic, and applied kinesiology, as well as Dr. Ellen’s extensive experience working with patients. The device can determine whether a particular meridian is balanced, stressed, weakened, or blocked, especially in relation to specific sensitivities (reactivities). But perhaps more importantly, it can determine various aspects of an imbalance and the optimal area(s) of concern that need to be rebalanced.
6. How does ECM determine the specific interventions used to rebalance/reprogram the ‘biopsychosocial’ being that is the individual?
The ECM system can ‘query’ a patient’s current state of wellness. It can determine obstacles to balanced, optimal health and the effective approaches that will lead to optimal wellness. This is then used to determine optimal corrective measures for the individual. Interventions are used after ECM screening determines specific sensitivities or reactivities, how severe the blockages or imbalances are, and where (and what aspects) in the body each reactivity is taking place.
7. What is Energetic Desensitization?
It is the bioenergetic elimination of sensitivities (reactivities) through noninvasive techniques based primarily on the meridian, immune, and nervous systems. ECM’s desensitization techniques release blockages and reset these systems. This process is called “clearing” or “correction”. Correcting for a specific sensitivity (reactivity) can result in a marked decrease or complete resolution of symptoms that had resulted from reactivities or imbalances. This results in an enhanced healing response.
8. Is the individual client required to participate in the process?
By energetically activating specific points and meridians, the individual is able to “correct” imbalances and blockages. This can then deactivate food, pathogenic, chemical, environmental and other sensitivities. Once “corrected” using Dr. Ellen’s method of desensitization, the physical symptoms associated with the sensitivities can be reduced or resolved, often permanently. Many also experience marked improvement in both their overall physical and emotional well-being.
9. What is the Affirmation Transformation?
The Affirmation Transformation uses the ECM technology of Dr. Ellen to clear underlying factors blocking the manifestation of a desired goal or aspiration. Though not for health-related issues, an Affirmation Transformation can address many other areas of concern. Its purpose is to facilitate the most successful outcome possible toward your goal, given the present conditions in your life.

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