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"How ECM can detect allergies/sensitivities and clear them with the ECM desensitization Technique"

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What is ECM?

Dr. Ellen Cutler has always been fascinated by the body’s ability to heal itself. Over her many years as a health care practitioner, Dr. Ellen created and continues to develop her own approach to energy-based healing called the Ellen Cutler Method (ECM). It is based on well-known models including traditional Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, and quantum physics. ECM identifies and then addresses energetic disharmonies within the individual that are related to specific imbalances and sensitivities.

Why ECM?

The beauty of ECM lies in its ability to determine the best interventions to use for each person. The interventions used include organ-specific detoxification, nutritional and enzyme therapies, and energetic desensitization. Perhaps the most important aspect of ECM is its ability to identify underlying issues causing or perpetuating the patient’s health problems and then addressing them directly. These can be issues such as past or ongoing events, environmental or food reactivities, or relationships to which the individual is sensitive. Without such testing, these factors usually go unrecognized. ECM energetic desensitization is then used to diminish or completely reverse these causative reactions or blockages.

How ECM can help you?

The combined noninvasive techniques for each individual rebalance the energetic system and thus offer a powerful means for achieving optimal health and longevity. By using ECM, Dr. Ellen has helped many who have suffered with a variety of health challenges that other health care practitioners were unable to successfully address. Many of her patients report not only improved health but also a greater sense of ease and wellbeing. Over her years as a practitioner, Dr. Ellen’s greatest satisfaction has been the wonderful feedback she has received from her many patients. And this has continued to motivate her further development of ECM.

A good word means a lot...

I have been a patient of Dr. Ellen’s for 25 years. There are so many benefits to her clearings, which continue to evolve as she studies new information about sensitivities, medical reports, and scientific findings. When I first encountered her technique, I had sinus infections every month. She was able to determine the foods and environmental substances that were triggering the infections, and, over time, my infections diminished. Now, if I am exposed to allergens, I may experience one sinus infection a year, but often none. When I began menopause, her clearings of my hormones lessened my hot flashes and compared to my friends, my symptoms abated quickly. I also suffered from bad digestion. I worried about my stomach’s response to eating many foods. Dr. Ellen’s digestive enzymes have given me the support I need & I do not leave home without them! Every aspect of my health is improved by ECM, often in concert with my allopathic physician. Over the years, Dr. Ellen has cleared many of my sensitivities, emotional traumas, and genetic propensities to illness. I find her positive attitude and commitment to health inspiring. My gratitude is immense.

Deborah S.

    Three Basic Modalities:

    Organ-Specific Detoxification | Enzyme & Nutritional Therapies | Desensitization
    To understand how ECM works, it is useful to think of the body as an organism through which electromagnetic energy flows along specific pathways. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the electromagnetic energy of the body, called chi (qi), manifests as lines of force, known as meridians. These meridians run near the surface of the body and pass into their respective internal organs. The amount of energy that runs through these meridians can be measured and recorded at acupuncture points along the meridians. Dr. Ellen has found that this can best be done either through a device called Avatar, that measures the electrical properties of acupuncture points. These examinations can indicate whether the meridians are balanced, stressed, weakened or blocked. ECM uses tools drawn from acupuncture, chiropractic, and kinesiology to locate and remove blockages in electromagnetic pathways that are related to specific sensitivities (reactants). ECM employs three basic treatments:

    Organ-Specific Detoxification

    Gently stimulates the release of accumulated toxins from organs and tissues and promotes their elimination from the body through the use of natural methods and homeopathic preparations.

    Enzyme & Nutritional Therapies

    Facilitates good digestion and a healthful inflammatory response; it helps correct nutritional deficiencies and other systemic imbalances through the therapeutic use of vegetarian enzyme-based and other supplementation and optimizing nutritional intake.


    Bioenergetic evaluation of organ stress and nutritional status followed by the elimination of sensitivities (reactivities) through noninvasive techniques based primarily on meridian therapy and immunology.

    Correcting the Energy Flow
    All substances, living and non-living, emit energy. Atoms attract and repel one another, building molecules and more complex structures, all while creating energy frequencies that interact in positive and negative ways. When frequencies are dissonant, a blockage or weakness can occur, typically resulting in symptoms associated with the appearance or increase of reactivities. ECM corrects the energy flow with desensitization as well as enzyme-based and nutritional therapies and homeopathic remedies.
    Correcting the Blockages and Resetting the Nervous & Immune System

    ECM’s innovative desensitization techniques release blockages and reset the nervous and immune systems. This process called “correction.” Correcting for a specific sensitivity (reactivity) helps to rebalance the immune response resulting in a marked decrease or complete resolution of symptoms. Dr. Ellen uses electrodermal screening to determine what are the specific sensitivities or reactivities, how severe the blockages or imbalances are, the underlying root of these sensitivities and where very specifically in the body each reactivity is taking place.

    By activating specific acupressure points and even often the information the client is acquiring during the process, Dr. Ellen is then able to “correct” imbalances and blockages and thereby correct reactivities. Once “corrected” using ECM, the physical symptoms associated with each sensitivity, such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, and difficulty breathing, and many if not all chronic health issues will be reduced or resolved, often permanently.

    Addressing the Root Cause of a Chronic Condition

    Dr. Ellen’s success lies in the fact that she facilitates healing at the root cause of the problem. Individuals who suffer from chronic conditions also usually suffer from imbalances in their digestive tract or immune response. They often have toxicity or inability to deal with their toxic load, or have abnormal reactions to items, such as foods, environmental chemicals, emotions, vitamins or supplements, medications, neurotransmitters, inflammation, or pathogens. Because they are reactive, their immune system becomes overloaded by simply fighting off everyday sensitivities. The result is that:

    • These individuals have little immune support available to fend off real threats, such as bacterial, viral or parasitic infections.
    • Their physiological systems become chaotic and weakened.
    • Chronic symptoms or conditions become or remain established.
    • Vital organ systems, which rely on proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids for their proper functioning, are effectively undernourished.

    After correcting for these myriad of sensitivities, most individuals experience marked improvement in both their physical, emotional and mental well being.

    Dr. Ellen has been able to help individuals with a myriad of health challenges that other health care practitioners have been unable to successfully address. She utilizes advanced desensitivity techniques, sound nutrition, detoxification and enzyme therapy for prolonged optimal digestive and immune health and nutrient utilization.