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Of all the body’s organs, the skin is the one that radiates inner health and balance to the outside world. The skin accounts for about 10 percent of the body’s weight, making it the largest of the body’s organs. It is not there just for appearance’s sake, although it certainly plays a central role in how we look. More important it provides essential protection from the environment in which we live.

A number of factors determine the tone, texture, and resiliency of your skin/ not surprisingly, much depends on genetics, hormone levels, and skin-care habits. But digestion, nutrient absorption, waste elimination, food sensitivities, and toxic reactions influence skin health as well. All the latter can improve with enzyme therapy and clearing sensitivities. 

The skin is loaded with naturally occurring enzymes. While they all work together synergistically, each enzyme group serves a very specific function. For example, some are antioxidants that defend the skin against damage by free radicals, which are byproducts of various biochemical reactions. Others support exfoliation by facilitating the shedding of dead skin cells. It is not just these skin enzymes that determine skin health, however. In fact, the combination of digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes, and food enzymes carries primary responsibility for nourishing skin and connective tissue. Without sufficient enzyme activity, for example, the body cannot extract beta-carotene from foods and convert it to vitamin A, an essential skin nutrient. 

Digestive enzymes are particularly important because they break down food and facilitate the absorption of nutrients into the blood stream. The entire body receives optimal nourishment and the skin glows with ageless radiance. 

While a balanced, wholesome diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits is important for skin health, even the most nutritious foods will not improve the skin’s appearance if the body cannot utilize the nutrients. What is more, all the body’s tissues and organs suffer in the absence of adequate nourishment, which takes a toll on the skin, too.

We spend huge amounts of money on cosmetic products and procedures to restore and enhance the skin’s appearance, but the real “secret” of fabulous skin is optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.  By supporting both processes, enzymes help repair and rejuvenate skin from the inside out. 

Enzymes also help minimize free radical damage, enhance detoxification, and preserve the proper balance of intestinal microflora. These are the cornerstones of radiant health and therefore radiant skin. Dr. Ellen always says that she can see someone who is taking digestive enzymes by their skin health. She can spot it in seconds  

Dr. Ellen’s Way prescription for radiant and healthy skin:

  1. Digestive Enzyme
  2. Skin Hair & Nail Enzyme
  3. Live Systemic Enzyme for Optimal Liver Support 
  4. True Botanicals 

To learn more about enzymes, take a look at Dr. Ellen’s book: MicroMiracles: Discover the Healing Power of Enzymes.

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