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May 2023 Newsletter

MicroMiracles, 2nd Ed. to be published next month!

Hello, this is Dr. Ellen. I wrote the book, MicroMiracles, which was published back in 2005. The reason I wrote the book was to share with the world the amazing health benefits of digestive enzymes I had found in my practice, as well as personally. The book was intended to be a complete and authoritative guide to the use of supplemental digestive enzymes. The book explained the use of digestive enzymes taken just before or at the beginning of meals to make the nutrients contained in the foods more available for absorption into the body. It also described the use of digestive enzymes taken between meals, which can have systemic effects throughout the body. For example, proteases, which catalyze the breakdown of proteins, can help down-regulate pro-inflammatory mediators, enhance immune function, and help break down biofilms, which can allow potentially harmful microorganisms to remain undetected by the immune system.

In this month’s ‘Real Common Sense’ newsletter, I am happy to announce that the revised second edition of MicroMiracles will be published next month! The second edition continues to contain valuable information about the use of digestive enzymes to help those with many different chronic health concerns. This includes reducing the risk of ongoing illnesses such as diabetes and chronic inflammation, attaining and maintaining a healthy weight, and supporting the skin and hair, the immune system, and achieving a greater feeling of vitality throughout the day. I decided to update and expand the chapter on the role of digestive enzymes in anti-aging. I also added a chapter on the role of digestive enzymes in the post-pandemic world.

My goal in the second edition is to reveal the wonderful health benefits of digestive enzymes to today’s world. I hope you get the opportunity to read the book and utilize the information it contains to help improve your state of health and wellbeing.

Be well, be healthy, and remember…

“The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential of an organism. The increased use of food enzymes promotes a decreased rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential.”
― From “Enzyme Nutrition” written by Dr. Edward Howell

Dr. Ellen

By the way, if you didn’t get a chance to see my previous newsletters, you can find them on my new website, www.drellencutler.com under ‘Media’. 

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